A New Reno Photo Booth Experience

Entertain Guests with a New Type of Reno Photo Booth

Engage and entertain guests at your upcoming event with the Moirae Mirror! This is the perfect addition to your event. Rent our Moirae Mirror by itself or as an add-on to our Event Photography services. The Moirae Mirror is the newest way to interact with your guests and continue marketing through your guests after the event.


The Moirae Mirror is not just another Reno photo booth. It’s a new, social entertainment system that provides a simple solution for sharing your event online! The mirror creates branded GIFs for your event which are then sent directly to guests’ cell phones via text. These GIFs are perfect for sharing on social media, allowing your guests to take their photo-booth silliness to the next level.

Change how your guests share your event online with the Moirae Mirror social interaction station! The Moirae Mirror is the best Reno photo booth for:

  • Business Events
  • Charity Events
  • VIP Parties
  • Grand Openings
  • Church Events
  • Networking Events
  • Fundraising
  • Crowd Branding

Moirae Mirror

Here’s How It Works

1. Set It Up: Moirae Creatives will set up the fully adjustable mirror to the ideal height and angle for your event. Based on a tripod, this mirror may be adjusted to fit any type of event that works with adults, kids, or animals.

2. Light It Up: Bright lights appear around the edges of the mirror, creating an exciting ambiance that provides great built-in lighting for the images!

3. Interact With It: The easy-to-use touchscreen provides directions on how to start recording your GIF. Take a couple seconds to strike a pose or to do a little dance! Then follow the touchscreen directions to send the GIF straight to your phone.

4. Share It: Watch as your guests enjoy themselves and share their branded GIFs on social media!


Rent the Moirae Mirror for a variety of durations. Staffing for the mirror is also available as an add-on.

  • By the hour: Rent the Moirae Mirror for $250/hour for shorter events
  • By the day: Hosting a wedding or gala? Rent for $1000 for an entire day!
  • By the week: Holding a conference or longer-running event? Rent the Mirror for $2500 for the entire week.
  • By the month: If you’re hosting a series of major events, rent the Moirae Mirror for $5000 to have sole use for the whole month!