There’s An Alternative to Traditional Family Photography

I’m the mother of two boys – three, if you count my husband. One boy is 11, the other is 13, and I won’t say how old my husband is.

I’m a mom who sees every moment as a colossal family milestone. Dog licks baby – milestone. Youngest puts on dad’s shoes – milestone. Day at the beach – milestone. We have to document these major life events.

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Reno Family Photograhers

I often force my husband to stop what he’s doing and find his camera. He doesn’t love when I do this. I once woke him from a dead sleep after a 14 hour workday to make him take a picture of my youngest sleeping with a dog toy!

Many times, I drag the entire family out just to take pictures. We’ll pick a place and I’ll dress up the kids and husband in clothes they hate and what our photography captures is about as much spontaneity as a prison lunch. My husband hates it the most because he has to operate the camera. It’s all so comical, actually!

It’s always a struggle to find the perfect angle. My husband says they’re ALL perfect, but he just wants to get it over with. The kids agree. He’ll set the camera up on a tripod and use the timer. We take picture after picture, and I scrutinize every shot. He hates that the most.

By the time we give up, everyone’s fed up and fighting and my husband has run a marathon of 30-foot sprints. On the way back, I cheerfully suggest, “we’ll try again tomorrow.” The idea isn’t met with enthusiasm.

The three boys (yes, three) don’t get it. I’m a mom. It seems like only minutes ago the kids were learning to walk – now the oldest is threatening to grow facial hair. Everything is changing and it’s time to document what this family is really about.

Family Photography Should Speak to Your Family’s Essence

We’ve tried numerous professional portrait studios and the the results hang drearily throughout the house. No one looks at those photographs – no one cares. They don’t speak to who we really are, but we paid too much not to hang them up.

Reno Family Photographers

When I told my husband that I wanted to take another chance with a professional photo studio, his look was combination of bewilderment and sorrow, blended with a pinch of irritation. I had to use real tears to push him over the edge.

Regardless, I got the green light, but now I needed to find a photographer. A girlfriend told me about Moirae Creatives. She knew how I felt about the photos on my walls. We laughed about it for a while, and she showed me the photos Moirae took of her family. What a difference!

Her family looked… happy. The photos were taken in her home and everyone seemed comfortable and relaxed – they seemed… natural. Moirae Creatives captured intimate moments and presented them as the milestones that every mom knows they really are.

And so it was with my family. We didn’t spend two uncomfortable hours in a studio attempting one disappointing smile after another. Instead, we spent the morning with Moirae Creatives and it felt like a normal day.

It was actually better than a normal day. We spent time together – playing games and running around the yard. It was the kind of family time every mom hopes for: smiles, laughter, sunshine and love. The kids are getting older, so we don’t have those times as often anymore.

Moirae Creatives didn’t just take portraits – they helped us create the best family day a mom could hope for. It was a colossal milestone. They captured the essence of who we really are. During our “reveal” all three of my boys laughed out loud – I cried.

Are You Ready?

If you feel you, your family or your pet might be ready for an engaging and emotional experience, then get in touch with Moirae Creatives today. They always begin with a discovery call and commit themselves to a personalized experience that leads to understanding you, your family and your pet. Begin your journey today.

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