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The purpose behind our photography runs deeper. It captures your most natural emotion of the most intimate moments — the look as you softly cuddle your young children in the quiet of the night, or the way your smile enlivens a room as you play catch with a furry friend. Our photography Reno NV experience takes our clients on a journey that begins in the present and continues into the future. Below are our clients’ stories and testimonies of their photographic experience.

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I knew I wanted Moirae Creatives to take our family pictures from the moment I heard them talk about their passion and families and living in the moments. Now convincing my husband was a different story. I jumped in both feet, gleaming, not wanting to wait another week and my husband drug his feet so hard. I mean so hard. Up until the minute Christy showed up to take pictures. And even after we took these amazing pictures, his enthusiasm was that of a wet towel on my fire pit of excitement. And then…. We showed up to the studio and for the first time, saw our families interactions and love and sweet sweet moments in stillness, captured FOREVER. The smiles and look in our eyes and the soft glances and hands holding tight, it was all there, perfectly laid out like a beautiful song. Looking at picture after picture I’m telling myself not to cry and then I look over at my husband and see tears running down his cheeks. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it and smiled as if to say, “we’re doing it, we’re doing life wonderfully and these little boys of ours feel loved. We see it now.” Then he flipped to the other side, my side! The wet towel was gone and he was spraying gasoline on the fire. And now it was ours, our fire together. When Christy and Jasen (who have found their gifting and being just a small part of it is such a blessing by the way) came to hang the pictures, my mother in law was at the house. Jasen pulled out the first picture of the box and tears began to run down her face. Here it is, all the love, all the hope for our future, all the warm embrace and the joy, it’s all right here in this picture. I can’t thank Jasen and Christy enough. This has been a wonderful, wonderful gift. And I’m so warmed by the thought of how many other families will be the recipient of your gifting. I can’t say it enough…. Thank you.”

-Regina Fritz, Nevada