As a Dad, when it comes to our Reno family photography, I try to ride the bench.

When the Mrs. says its time for photos, then its game day – no questions asked. On this field, in this stadium, my wife is the head coach. She’s the one who gears all the kids up and calls all the plays: cleaning the youngest’s face, fixing our daughter’s hair and most importantly, adjusting the oldest’s attitude. If there’s an MVP award for pruning and primping when its picture time, then my wife is in the hall of fame! My wife always calls the shots when its picture time, but after a family photography session with Moirae Creatives, I now see what picture time is really all about. It’s no longer about coaching the family for an uphill battle; it’s about small victories and learning  how to see the goodness inherent in your family.


So many photographers do “mini sessions” at a staged location. They schedule families every 30 minutes and the whole thing gets repeated. It’s an in and out experience without individualization. It’s fast and my wife says the results are pretty, but you better hope everyone is in a good mood and ready to follow directions.

This is how things were for years, but with Moirae Creatives this all changed. Laying in bed one night my wife turns to me and says, “You know with the kids growing up I think its time for family photos again.” My response was emphatic: “Oh really?”

“Yeah” my wife said, “But I want to try something different. I was talking with Julie the other day and she recommended Moirae Creatives. She said that the whole experience was totally different.”

Needless-to-say: I was skeptical – how different can a family photographer really be? Its all point, click, shoot right? I was wrong.

family photography reno

Reno Family photographers Moirae Creatives coached me through seeing my family differently.

Before the shutter had even clicked, I could see that Moirae Creatives was different. Right from the get-go, they called my wife and I up for a discovery call. They asked sincere questions about us and our family: “If Timmy was in his room, playing beautifully all by him self, totally unaware that you were watching him, what would he be doing?”; “If you had three words that totally described Timmy, you know, the totally unique parts of who he is that you love, what would they be?”; “What is your special time with Timmy and what are you doing when you get that moment that’s just about enjoying him?”; “What was it in that very moment of seeing or meeting your wife that caught your attention?”; “What made her different?” – I was amazed.

No photographer had ever asked me these sorts of touchy-feely questions. They really got me to think for a second before I stammered out responses. My wife was pleased – she turned to me and with an air of cheekiness says, “There, I told you so.”

Family photography house calls?

What happened next was what was really different. Instead of my wife packing up the team and calling all the plays, Moirae Creatives came to our home – we didn’t even have to dress up! Moirae Creatives, didn’t so much call the shots as organize the chaos. We pulled out board games, and the kids’ toys and they ran around the house like screaming monkeys and it was all chaos and beautiful. We all laughed and screamed and Moirae Creatives captured every moment.

Through it all Moirae Creatives actually captured what it is that we talked about before the session! And I don’t mean what we were doing, they were able to capture what I see and love in each of my children and my wife. The stuff I only see in them. I have no idea how they actually do this, but they do – it’s incredible! I didn’t feel like a third-stringer riding the bench anymore. It didn’t feel like game day, it felt like actual family time – it was a blow out victory for our family.

Are you ready for your own photographic journey?

If you feel you, your family or your pet might be ready for an engaging and emotional experience, then get in touch with Moirae Creatives today. They always begin with a discovery call and commit themselves to a personalized experience that leads to understanding you, your family and your pet. Begin your journey today.


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