Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a partner with the #FurEverReno Movement. Here are a few quick details about your partnership with the project.


     1) The mission of the #FurEverReno is to build a world wide community of rescue dog families by celebrating how a rescue dog(s) had saved or impacted our life.

     2) (This section is optional if selected for the Emily Skyle project) By simply making a small donation of $100 or more through FurEver Reno towards your favorite rescue non-profit, you will have the opportunity to share your own personal rescue story that will then be featured in the #FurEverReno Coffee Table book. It’s stories like your that will then go to help build the community of how incredible rescues are.

     3) All accepted partnership requests will be treated to the full FurEver Photographic Experience. From that experience, FurEver Reno will assist you in selecting the photographs that will be featured in the #FurEverReno Book. At this time, you will also have the opportunity to purchase your own fine art displays from your personalized photographic experience, but no purchase is required or will have any effect on your placement in the coffee table book.

     4) A rescue dog is ANY dog that has not been purchased from a breeder or a puppy store under typical circumstances.

     5) All accepted partnership stories shared with the #FurEverReno leadership team should be considered public stories that may be told both in physical print and digitally online.

     6) Expected price of the standard book is $100. The book is a hard cover 8×8 fine art book printed in Italy. Please visit one of the retail locations of the current book in print to purchase hold a copy. (SPCA of Norther Nevada or Sundance Books)

     7) Your $100 donation will be passed directly on to the Non-Profit of your choice. If the non-profit you support is not currently partnered with FurEver Reno, we will pass on that opportunity directly do them on your behalf so that they may receive those funds. If you don’t have a Non-Profit that you chose to support, your donation will go into a general fund and distributed to smaller non profits where they can make the most significant impact.

     8) Upon completion of the project, (max 250 stories/September 30th) the #FurEverReno Coffee Table Book will be put into print production and be ready for delivery in December.

     9) All #FurEverReno donations should be considered non-refundable.

     10) 100% of proffits from the sales of the #FurEverReno Coffee Table Book will be donated directly to the Rescue Community of Northern Nevada.