Their are really no words when it comes to this day after session.  Keith and Staci wanted something sexy. Something we hadn’t done before.

So we rented a couple hours to play around at a steel mill the day after their wedding.  Isn’t that what anyone would do? Jasen and I really felt like this was an opportunity of a lifetime.  We drove up and it was one of those moments where it just took our breath away.  It was such a huge place with so much history.  And then we get to photograph this amazing couple that just gave it all to us.  Allowed us to push the envelope….. It was a dream!

Keith and Staci, please enjoy!  You two are amazing and oh how I wish we could go back to this weekend over and over again.

Thank you so much for giving us all your trust and for being so giving of yourselves.


christy + jasen

OH! And if you want to see the video and the wedding in its entirety, you can check that out here! CLICK ME

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