Capturing Your Fur Family

Pet Photography

The relationship you share with your pet may be one of the most important in your life. Pets provide one of the largest sources of unconditional and true love. Families often form a special bond with their pets and this is a bond worth capturing and reliving forever. As the parent of a fur baby, you know your pet represents so much more. Pets attest to the strength and ferocity of love. These are the precious emotions that Moirae Creatives seeks to capture in our pet photography.

You won’t find a photograph that distills more emotion than those between a fur baby and his or her owner.

Our animals remind us to treasure the adventures and simple things in life! Pet photography is one of the best ways to honor your pet, whether they’re nearing the end of their life or have just joined your family.

Every picture taken was so great that the hardest part was picking which ones were our favorites. Eventually we did decide on several prints and a large multiple piece display for our living room. We have enjoyed this experience from day one. The Moirae Creatives team have a very personal touch that makes the photography all about your family. We can’t wait to get our piece to put into our living room. It’s such a great representation of our family and we can’t wait to have it in our home.”

-Jaide McGee

The Experience

Stories of Moirae’s Fur Families

Family and pet photography is our time for adventure. Each time one of the Moirae Creatives Reno photographers shows up for the photography session, they never know what to expect. But this is what makes our pet photography sessions such an adventure and a treat! These animals teach us life lessons, every time, about love and being yourself. Learn more about some of our favorite fur families!