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Couples Photography

Moirae Creatives spent many years in the high-end wedding photography business before deciding to focus our Reno NV photography studio on couples, families and pets. Creating greater purpose behind our photography studio is our mission. Working with couples is an intimate experience that allows us to capture their emotions more closely. We consistently demonstrate to our clients how valued and celebrated they are through photographing both in our photography studio in Reno NV or in the intimate privacy of their own homes.

We record the love tied to a furtive glance and the laughter that ensues when you’re together.

Many of our Moirae clients express their joy in our ability to rekindle their passion felt for one another. Our photography reminds them of the depth of their love. We begin with our discovery calls, where we get to know you as a couple. Then, our photographic experience wholly captures you – celebrating with raw emotion the intimacy of your relationship.

Sometimes, and more often than not, you forget just how much your spouse actually means to you. Moirae Creatives helped us rediscover our love, a new more mature love that we knew was there but was struggling to hold on to. Our photographer captured us beautifully and perfectly and true to the sense of who we are. She picked up on the little things we do daily that we tend to take for granted. I could never thank her enough for this experience and she will be a part of us forever!!”

-Gary Young, Boston

The Experience

Stories of Moirae Couples

Through their photographic experience our clients often become our close friends . As photographers and as people, we learn so much about love and about life through each couple we photograph. Learn more about our Moirae couples experience and the beautiful lessons that emerge from each session in our photography studio Reno NV!