Reno Family Photographer

Family Portraits

You often see the same predictable portraits over and over again when looking for a Reno family photographer. Dad sits uncomfortably on a box and the kids and wife stand or kneel around him. What are you really looking for in a family portrait? You want a compelling visual reminder of the glorious chaos and love in your everyday lives. Family portraits should capture the family dynamic with each individual personality in your family. At Moirae Creatives, our family photos visually express your family’s real life. Our team is poised to capture the natural moments within your home: the chaos of kids running around and dad snuggling his little girl in front of a bedtime story.

Our commitment to this experience allows our Reno family photographers to capture honest and emotional photos.
The Moirae Reno family photographers make it their goal to truly understand and capture the relationships amongst your family. Instead of stiff, staged photos, you’ll leave our photographic experience with a shared reminder of the natural moments between you, your children and spouse. Our initial discovery call ensures that your photographer understands your family values and what each member respects about one another. We encourage you to open your heart to become emotional and personal with us!

I feel as though I see these family moments every day…but this is the first time I’m truly seeing how precious they are, how meaningful they are to each of us, and how they will help to cement the foundation of our family. We didn’t know what to expect through this experience and honestly, what we’ve gained can’t even be quantified. Thank you, Moirae Creatives, for allowing us to slow down and love each other so openly.

-Jamie Ivins, Boston

The Experience

Stories of Moirae Families

Our team of Moirae photographers walks away from every Moirae Family Photography session learning something new about life.  We consistently witness how laughter binds families together. Through our photography experience families encounter renewal and reconnection. Learn more about the families we have worked with and the inspiring lessons learned from each.