Your Transformational

Photographic Experience Begins Here

reno photographer

1. Discovery Calls:

During these calls, our Reno photographers discover the inner workings of your family and how each member fits into the puzzle. This emotional learning experience uncovers your personal details and helps us to fill your photographs with the most emotion possible.

“Our Moirae photographer called both me and my husband and asked really amazing questions to get at the root of what FAMILY meant to us. It was almost like she was looking for a verbal photograph of the energy and love that she would see between each of us.” – Nicole Taucare

reno photographer

2. Photographic Session:

The photographic session creates a natural environment in which your children and pets may thrive and reveal their unique personalities. It’s truly a celebration of your life story! We allocate 2 hours for each session and always work at the pace of your child or pet.

“The family photography session is like having a magazine-quality editorial shoot of your most precious moments. This isn’t cheesy, posed and contrived photography – it’s the small expressions, candid moments and true love of your family captured in a precious time capsule.” – Ali Alden

reno photographer

3. The Big Reveal:

Relax in our Midtown studio with a glass of wine as you discover with your family 30-40 photographs from your photographic session. Joyfully recount and witness the record of your emotions  in this often powerful and moving experience.

“The smiles and look in our eyes and the soft glances and hands holding tight, it was all there, perfectly laid out like a beautiful song.” – Regina Fritz

reno photographer

4. Design & Ordering Consultation:

After reviewing the photos, our Reno photographers take you through selecting your favorites. We also work with you to design the perfect collection of photographs for your wall art displays.

“The Moirae Creatives team puts in hours of pre-shoot time helping to uncover what is special about each family” – Joana O’Neal

reno photographer

5. Wall Art

We conclude your Reno photography journey through a bitter sweet installation of your wall art. The real beauty at the conclusion of this photographic experience resides in the breathtaking visual reminder of your partners in life: your spouse, children, or pets.

Wall Art

reno photographer

Meet Christy Arias

The Moirae Creatives Team

She began her photography career as one of Santa’s Elves at the mall!

Christy Arias has photographed thousands of families since 1999. As a mom of two highly energetic little boys, Christy understands the value of the magical, fleeting moments that you want to hold on to for a lifetime. Anyone who interacts with Christy experiences her rare outlook on life — her artistic outlook continually seeks the special, beautiful moments in everyday life. This same startlingly, endearing and reflective nature translates into her photography.

People often ask how Christy captures such real, raw emotion and personality within her photos. Forever a people person — she builds trust with clients through her sweet personality that plays from serene to zany. Her personality ensures that Christy’s clients feel comfortable to completely act like themselves.

reno photographer

Meet Jasen Arias

Our Reno Photographers

He describes unique life experiences through vibrant analogies

Jasen Arias focuses on big picture visuals, while Christy is enthralled by the small, emotional details. Jasen holds fiercely to his beliefs, dreams and goals. His heart and love for photography drew him and Christy together and continually fulfills their lives. Jasen tells stories and believes genuinely in celebrating every person’s life through photography.

Jasen’s vision for Moirae Creatives focuses on its larger impact on the community. He hopes that through Moirae, people will celebrate their own lives and fully realize their own value.