We could not be more excited for this engagement photography share! I’m just putting that out there now.

Late last year we were contacted by Kristin and Sean about possibly photographing their 2014 wedding. We sat and had dinner, chatted, laughed and all that good stuff. One thing we talked about was that Christy was pregnant and so just when the weather was getting nice it would be a bit dicey for an engagement photography session since Christy was due early May. “Not a problem” Kristin said. Waiting till sometime in June would be a perfect time to visit Sedona for a weekend and do the photos then! Tell ya what! That Kristin is a smart girl. It not only gave us a break from the Phoenix heat, but Christy and I even decided to turn it into a little bit of a weekend get away.

A couple weeks before the shoot we like to  gather everything together and chat about the fun stuff. Obviously we went over timing and ideas and all that fun stuff. Then they told us that they had already made a trip up there on their own to scout out the locations JUST to make sure we could easily get to everything. How crazy awesome is that! 100% committed to making this as incredible as possible. . .and as you are about to see, the images do not disappoint. From a historic celebrity resort to the dusty peaks of the Sedona mountains, these images are packed with grand emotion with the intimate moments in the details. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Christy & I are SO excited for your wedding next year! And really want to say thank you for being so so much fun to spend a day with. Couldn’t have done it without ya! I think you will agree that all the hard work and planning was well worth it!!!

Hugs you two!


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